A Christmas Wish for the Team

Aaron P. Graft

December 6, 2018

Like many of you, I have been moved over the last few days hearing the tributes for the late George H.W. Bush. Whether or not you agreed with his politics, he was by all accounts a man of high character and wonderful decency. I was especially moved by the tribute of his son, former President George W. Bush. The love for his father was genuine.

I tell younger people who I have the opportunity to mentor – many who are newly married and with young families – No matter what you accomplish at work, or what the world at large says about you, no man or woman rises above the esteem of his own family. So to that I say, well done President George H.W. Bush. We will miss you!

In a few weeks, like many of you, I will gather with my family to celebrate Christmas. Many of you will celebrate other holidays and traditions during this time. Whatever it is that you celebrate, I want you to know that I am grateful for you. The year 2018 has been exciting and transformative for Triumph and TBK Bank. It only happened as a result of your excellent work.

Since the beginning of Triumph, several of us have prayed regularly for our organization. We continue that practice to this day. We pray for each of us to be humble, so that we can choose to serve those around us. We pray that we are wise, so that we make sound business decisions and thus allow our team to continue to prosper. We pray that God would bless the work of our hands, comfort our team members who are going through difficult times, and use us to bring joy and goodwill to our clients and communities.

That is my Christmas wish and prayer for you. I look forward to an exciting 2019 together!