A Trip Overview from Building Well #5

May 19, 2017

Three weeks have passed since Triumph’s team of 12 returned from building their well with Living Water International in El Salvador, but great memories and strong friendships remain. The team was faced with disappointment when the first well that they drilled could not provide enough water pressure to pump water. When they realized that they needed to move the well site, the team rallied together. They worked overtime in the heat to ensure that the 450 residents of Cerco de Piedra would have a completed clean water before the end of the week. When we asked the team to reflect on their time in El Salvador, a few common themes emerged: thankfulness, a change in perspective and a life changing experience.


Triumph Business Capital

“Once again, it is difficult to adequately put into words an experience like this. The trip was beyond rewarding in every way. Finding water for Canton Cerco de Piedra and knowing that well will sustain them for a lifetime is an unbelievable feeling! I loved every minute of being in the village with the families and the sweet children. Experiencing their generosity and their hearts were incredibly inspiring and humbling.

I am so honored to have had the opportunity to co-lead the Triumph team this year – although we faced some adversity with the setbacks during drilling, we experienced some incredible wins, grew closer as a team and made memories to last a lifetime. I am beyond blessed and grateful for this experience.”

Christine in El Salvador


Triumph Community Bank – Elgin

“I went on this trip hearing from a lot of people that this would be life changing. However I didn’t really understand what they meant by that until now. I left home missing my family so much, not knowing I would encounter such amazing souls that took on the role of my family for the week – not only the TBK team, but the entire community in Cerco de Piedra.

I will forever be grateful to everyone that helped me be a part of this great journey.”

Fanny in El Salvador


Triumph Insurance Group

“’The glass is always half full.’ The trip unrolled with notable stories from the instant my alarm went off the night before. I want to share my appreciation for the entire Living Water International staff in El Salvador for their excellence and professionalism. I also want to share how our team turned lemons into lemonade – God requested we take our USA drillers and merge with the El Salvador drillers to become one team.

The trip enabled me to identify, understand and enact new cultural context while providing physical and spiritual Living Water. God bless you.”

Gerardo in El Salvador


TBK Bank – Buena Vista

“I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to serve the Lord with such a fantastic group of people! The community of Cerco de Piedra welcomed us with open arms. The generosity and outpouring of love shown to us has left a permanent impression. Thank you to everyone who provided support, prayer and encouragement for the journey.

I know that the relationships formed between members of our team will last long into the future!”

Jay in El Salvador


Triumph Commercial Finance

“I didn’t know what to expect from this trip. I just went into it with an open heart and the willingness to serve the people of the country in which I was born and lived for many years. This trip was life changing! From the very beginning we were welcomed with so much love and happiness. The people in the village treated us like family. I will forever have engraved in my heart the smiles that the villagers had when they knew they had clean water.

I am so thankful to work for a company that allows their team members to serve and truly make an impact in this world. This trip was so much more than building a well!”

Jesiy in El Salvador


Triumph Business Capital

“I work for a company that is willing to send people to a third world country and serve them, and for that I am truly humbled. For me, it was a bittersweet week; my grandfather passed away unexpectedly on the day we arrived in El Salvador. The funeral was Thursday and all week long I missed being with my family to celebrate his life. This was a trip that I had been waiting for and there was nothing I could do about what was going on back at home. During our Monday devotional I was reminded that the trip was not about me or my problems, but about the people we were serving.

My life will be forever changed from this trip because the people were so hospitable and welcoming. I will always hold a special place in my heart for the people of El Salvador.”

Kevin in El Salvador


Triumph Business Capital

“This was my second trip to El Salvador with Triumph, but this year, something felt different. Even though my verbal communication wasn’t any better, the connection with everyone around me was stronger than it has been with some people at home. At first, I questioned if we even needed to be there. I mean, they had eight guys from the community standing around ready to work at the first opportunity. I asked myself “Why are we here?” It wasn’t until the end of the second day when we experienced failure that I realized that this was all bigger than us. At this moment I decided to stop following or leading, but start walking humbly.

I know it seems weird to call a place home when you only stayed for one week, but I have never felt such a real connection with my team or the people we served. “Love has no limits.”

Ray in El Salvador


TBK Bank – LaSalle

“Traveling to El Salvador to help drill a well and teach children was a wonderful experience. The week before the trip, I was anxious about traveling outside the United States, meeting other Triumph members and working in a remote village. Even though the people of Canton Cerco de Piedra have so much less than I do, they always had a smile and gave generously to all of us. It was a blessing to work with the drillers, the students, the Living Water staff and the Triumph team members.

Thank you to Triumph for giving me the opportunity to serve in El Salvador, and thanks to everyone for their support.”

Sandy in El Salvador


TBK Bank – Fairplay

“This was most certainly a life changing experience for me and my team. I didn’t know what to expect. When we first arrived in the community, seeing how simple the homes were, only having what is necessary, really made me realize how materialistic Americans can be. I have never met people that were so grateful simply for our presence and so happy to feed us every two hours! When they took us to see the river where they did laundry and to gather water for use at their homes, it really made me realize how important us being there was to them. All the smiling faces, so grateful, so giving, so happy.

This will be an experience I will carry with me forever. I can’t thank our company enough for giving me and many others the opportunity to be a part of this amazing, impactful journey.”

Shannon in El Salvador


Triumph Community Bank – Moline

“I really am at a loss for words on what to say about this experience. I’m very grateful God allowed me the opportunity to go.

A part of my heart remained in El Salvador, and I hope and pray God allows me another opportunity to go back there. We are unbelievably blessed!”

Tya in El Salvador


Triumph Business Capital

“By far, one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. And by farthest, some of the most humble people I’ve ever met. What an incredible and satisfying experience. Sometimes we forget what is truly important and take things for granted. Seeing people drinking water from a dirty river was devastating, but seeing the smiles on their faces after we told them we’ve found clean water… that was PRICELESS! Getting to know the people from our group, working together every day, and never giving up on any circumstance was a great feeling of humanity. Our goal was to find clean water and build the well, and we did it! Being surrounded by generous, kind and beautiful kids and people each day made it impossible not to get attached to them.

It was extremely difficult to say goodbye during our last day in the community. Even the strongest/toughest man in the group will always tear up at one point. Oh, and the food was delicious! Thank you Triumph and Living Water for the opportunity to participate in the program.”

Vanessa in El Salvador