Breaking Through the Barrier: Day Two in El Salvador

April 30, 2014

The Triumph team in El Salvador continues to break through barriers–with each other, with the people of the village, and even with the well.

As the Triumph team members continue to work in Comunidad Marvin, they are overwhelmed with the love shown by the people in the village. Through time spent together, the team has grown closer to one another and to the community each day. The children especially love spending time with the team, whether it’s through attending hygiene lessons or playing at the school.

Day Two El Salvador Triumph Living Water Team Children
Madi and her friend Adriana. Madi is one of the children’s favorite team members.
Day Two El Salvador Triumph Living Water School Children
Several team members visit the school in the village.
Day Two El Salvador Triumph Living Water Team Children Teaching
Madi and Dora teach the children about the importance of washing your hands.

Members of the drilling team experienced breaking through a different barrier. On Monday, the team members were able to drill 65 feet in one afternoon, and on Tuesday they matched that in nine hours. The team hit rock and in four hours, went down only six inches before switching to a different drill bit hoping for greater success. With this unexpected barrier in the way, the team began to make plans to move the location of the well if nothing happened by 5:00 p.m.

Day Two El Salvador Triumph Living Water Team Pipe Drilling
Davis, Courtney and Kevin H. help install the next pipe for drilling.
Day Two El Salvador Triumph Living Water Drilling
Lisa runs the drill.

However, around 4:00 p.m., the drill finally broke through the rock and went 30 feet deeper in two and a half hours! The team was extremely humbled by this experience.

Day Two El Salvador Triumph Living Water Team
After changing the drill bit to a more powerful drill, water came out of the well, soaking Kevin H.

What seemed to be an impossible barrier was able to be broken. It seemed as if the team had hit rock bottom, but in a moment of disappointment, hope shone through. The village, Living Water staff and the team are continuing to grow closer as clean water comes to the community of Comunidad Marvin. Day two could be summed up in the words of team member, Amanda, “[An] Amazing, humbling experience for all.”