Delivering Value (and BBQ)

Aaron P. Graft

August 8, 2013

On Coca-Cola’s website, they reference the introduction of New Coke in 1985 as “the marketing blunder of the century,” because they overlooked the “deep emotional attachment” consumers had to the original formula. My experience –both personal and observed – is that most people have an emotional attachment to food. For me, that happens to be BBQ.

My love of BBQ plus the expertise of Steve Hausman, who is president of our Triumph Business Capital subsidiary, led to the creation of our BBQ trailer affectionately named “The Money Pit”. We also now have a team of 11 employees who make up the Triumph BBQ team that recently put its skills to the test and cooked meals for our Park Central office and Coppell office. Full tour date to be released later….

The Money Pit
Triumph Bank Location Money Pit BBQ
The Money Pit at the Park Central office

As a company, we want to be innovative and differentiate ourselves from the market. To do that, we have spent a lot of time recruiting talent and investing in our corporate culture. Team building at Triumph happens in many ways, including making BBQ together for fellow team members, clients and others. We don’t do it perfectly (BBQ making or team building), but we work at it continually. I think the fruit of that labor led to Triumph being honored as one of the finalists in the Dallas Business Journal’s Best Places to Work 2013.

The 145 (and growing) members of our team do indeed make Triumph one of the “best places to work,” and I am grateful for their investment in Triumph’s mission and vision.

The future of Triumph looks bright…and full of BBQ.