Do you see what I see?

Aaron P. Graft

December 23, 2019

The year 2019 is soon to slip into the history books. I cannot believe how fast time goes. I also cannot believe how much I sound like my dad when I say that.

If you have spent any time watching television or scrolling through social media lately, you might conclude that the world is a bad place – maybe even getting worse, fast. I cannot recall the last time I watched a newscast that didn’t include the word “crisis.”

The world was not a perfect place in the year 2019, and it won’t be a perfect place in 2020 either. While I recognize that there are many things that should change, I also choose to see the good that there is in the world. There is a lot of good to see if you just look for it. I see how our team members serve their communities so well while at work and in their free time. I see many of our customers continuing to prosper as the US economy continues to perform well. I see our TBK team advancing as we complete the integration work of major strategic initiatives we took on over the past year.

I hope each team member who works with us at TBK Bank, Triumph Business Capital, Triumph Commercial Finance, Triumph Insurance Group and TriumphPay sees how vital you are – not just to our team, but to the communities we serve. Think about this – if all social media platforms had to shut down from now until the midnight on December 31, what would happen? Business would still go on. People would still be able to live their lives. The world might actually be a better place if we stopped staring at our phones and actually talked with each other. On the other hand, if TBK were to shut down for even one day, there would be chaos. Many of the businesses we serve would come to an immediate stop. The people who bank with us might not be able to buy groceries.

We perform a vital function for individuals and business owners. We are blessed to get to do that in the greatest country that has ever existed. I see that as a very good thing and I hope you do as well.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and best wishes to us all for 2020!