Day 2: Moving Hearts and Minds

March 3, 2020

The TBK Team arrived in El Encanto (“The Charm”) on Monday morning, ready to serve! Upon their arrival, they were greeted by scores of people from the community, as well as the mayor, the principal of the school, and a local pastor.

TBK Bank Team Welcomed to El Salvador

There was a ceremony held to welcome our team, followed by a walking tour of the community. The team visited the home of a mother of nine children to better understand the need for clean water in the community. The youngest, a baby, was all smiles for the TBK team! On their tour they visited the school where team members will take turns during the week teaching hygiene classes, teaching Bible stories, and making arts and crafts. The school is where the original well, which is no longer functional, is located. The team expressed how impactful it was to witness the joy on the faces of the children at the school.

Team visits the original well

Following the walking tour, the team returned to the drill site and ate an incredible lunch of fried chicken, rice, beet and potato salad, and enjoyed a cold Coca-Cola. Leaving the warm hospitality and the cool air-conditioning of their hosts’ modest home was difficult, but the team was excited to start working on the drill site and to teach the first hygiene lesson.

The drill team completed their safety orientation and learned the fundamentals of operating the drilling rig. Their first day was very successful and they reached a depth of over thirty-six meters (about 120 feet). This means they are ‘well’ on their way to a successful endeavor!

Team members working on the well

Four team members set out to teach hygiene classes at the school and were a bit discouraged when there were only a few local residents at the first training. But this group quickly grew to include more than fifty children, parents, and grandparents. It was difficult to determine just how many generations were present for hygiene lessons and Bible stories!

The team ended their first day feeling exhausted, fulfilled, overwhelmed and blessed. They spent time as a team talking about what it really means to encounter God when you acknowledge his presence among you (“For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.” Matthew 18:20). They sang a few worship songs, and then everyone shared their favorite part of the day. While our team members anticipate completing a successful well this week, hearing from others about how God is moving in their hearts and minds was already the trip highlight for some team members.

We look forward to sharing more from the team as their week progresses!