Day 5: Serving Others Well

March 6, 2020

Thursday was the team’s final day to visit the well site. The Living Water staff team applied the finishing touches in assembling the pump and flushing out the bleach that is used to disinfect the well before use.

It was a laid back morning, allowing the TBK team to spend time with members of the community before the dedication ceremony. Just before lunch, a few members from the team and the Living Water staff showed up to the worksite with 50 pizzas! The TBK team pooled their resources to throw a surprise pizza party for the residents from the surrounding community. Our team was able to hand out slice after slice to a line of locals who were incredibly grateful for pizza, extending many “iGracias!”.

TBK team with the community

Following the party, it was time for the well dedication ceremony. The Living Water staff led children’s games and puppet shows. The TBK team performed a skit telling the story of The Good Samaritan. A local pastor spoke to the crowd and the TBK team was prompted to sit in a row of chairs at the front of the ceremony space. The radio from the work van played the Ray Boltz song, “Thank You,” while tears flowed like water from the new well. The community sang along to the radio and formed a line to exchange hugs and take photos with their new friends one last time.

It was hard for our team to leave the work site. That evening, over a celebratory dinner, they shared similar thoughts of “how is it possible to accomplish so much and help so many people with who materially have little?” Our team fed the entire community for less than a few hundred dollars. Within such a short amount of time, they were able to teach a healthy hygiene habits to apply for a life. And a few days of operating levers and assembling pipe resulted in fresh water for the people of the community that previously had none.

The team wrapped up their evening with a devotion from Romans 12, where God’s people are instructed to present themselves as “a living sacrifice.” Our team spent their week sacrificing for the sake of others, including their time, resources, and energy for a Salvadorian village. Each team member agreed that their desire to serving others well would not end when they left El Salvador.

TBK Team with Well

May we all be encouraged by their willingness to look to look not only to our own interests, but to the interests of others.