A Trip Overview from Building Well #8

April 3, 2020

In mid-March, twelve members of the Triumph team returned from the eighth annual trip to El Salvador through Living Water International. Below, each member of the team has shared a variety of highlights from their time serving and bringing clean water to the community of El Encanto.


TBK Bank – Lamar, CO

This trip has made a huge impact in my life and the perspective I have. I have a fire to spread God’s Word and bless others like I have never had in my life. The community was completely transparent with our team. They allowed us into their homes for meals and they served us, even though we were there to serve them. They exhibited such sincere gratitude for our efforts. The blessings bestowed upon our entire group will never be forgotten. I am grateful to each of my teammates and the Living Water staff, who are now a part of my family.


Triumph Business Capital – El Paso, TX

I will never forget this trip as it truly exemplified what we should do for one another and those in need. When asked how the trip was “amazing,” “fulfilling” and “humbling” are some of the words that I have used to describe it. But even those words don’t do it justice. This trip was a once in a lifetime experience that I hope everyone would try to be a part of someday. My soul was touched in a way I didn’t think possible in such a short amount of time and by complete strangers. I’ll never forget the compassion they showed us, and I am beyond thankful we hit water for them and future generations to use.


TBK Bank – Durango, CO

I feel blessed and honored to have been chosen to be part of Triumph’s eighth trip to El Salvador. This trip was a very humbling experience! To see God work in so many ways, not only with us finding water and the outpouring of love from the community, but also with our group as a team! I am so thankful for the team that I served alongside of in El Salvador. We became one big family, and that is something very special. The Living Water team was so amazing. Each one of them truly has a servant heart, and I learned a lot from them!

The community was welcoming and loving and very thankful for us being there, when in reality we were all thankful for all they did and provided for us. Thank you Triumph for this amazing experience that I will never forget!


Triumph Business Capital – El Paso, TX

No words can describe this experience. The community welcomed us with open arms, open hearts and open minds. El Salvador is filled with the most hardworking, genuine and hospitable people. I’m so thankful to have had this opportunity. I have never experienced so much gratitude and joy over something we as Americans take for granted every day. I can’t help but feel so humbled and blessed to have been a part of this year’s trip. I am forever changed and I now have a new family of friends with whom I got to share it.


Triumph Commercial Finance – Dallas, TX

This trip humbled me and opened my heart to service. It was a healthy dose of perspective coming from the DFW area. Although I tried to prepare, I was still shocked to see homes without doors, dirt floors and makeshift kitchen stoves. The joy and gratitude exhibited by the community was overwhelming. We did so little, but God was with us in this journey and the results were magnificent. This journey is something that is difficult to put into words, and my wish is that everyone could have the opportunity to experience it.

Amy in El Salvador


Triumph Business Capital – Coppell, TX

What I found incredibly touching about this experience was how the community came together and was so grateful for even our presence alone. They opened up to our team immediately and were very grateful for our presence, before we even hit water or taught a single hygiene lesson. We were complete strangers, and they were so quick to embrace us, prepare food for us, and allow us into their homes. It really speaks to the sense of community there and how tight-knit they really are. They went out of their way to make sure that we had what we needed, and we’re especially grateful to them for that. Witnessing the emotions that ran through the community when we were finished was beautiful. It has helped me to count my blessings and learn to be more grateful for what I have and where I am. It was very humbling. I’m especially grateful to work for an organization that affords us the opportunity to go out and make a difference the way we did, and for the team that truly made this an unforgettable experience.

Brandon in El Salvador


Triumph Business Capital – Coppell, TX

The trip was honestly amazing in all sorts of ways. You experience so many emotions in such a short period of time, but I would go as far as to say it was perfect. On the last day realizing the true impact we made on this community was unbelievable. I recommend everyone signing up for a possible opportunity at a life-changing experience.

Jesus in El Salvador


TBK Bank – Littleton, CO

The week spent in El Salvador was amazing. I am so thankful to have been chosen by Triumph to go. Providing water to the community in Jiquilisco was so impactful and meaningful to them. The gratitude they showed myself and our team was emotional and brought me to tears. I have never felt that level of gratitude like they showed us on our trip. The members of our team were selfless and truly cared about the community and each other. I have a new family with the relationships built within my Triumph team.

Jay in El Salvador


TBK Bank – Dallas, TX

I never would have imagined it would require so little of me individually to literally change the lives of an entire community (and perhaps generations to follow) until I went on this trip. Whatever your limitations may be, there’s a role for you on one of these trips. Don’t miss the opportunity to change lives… including your own.

Nick in El Salvador


TBK Bank – Albuquerque, NM

Honestly, I don’t really know what to say about my experience. So many people have asked me how the trip was and the best way that I can describe it is “a once in a lifetime experience.” I know that I will continue to serve on other trips, but this one will always hold a special place in my heart. My other eleven team members helped make this trip unforgettable.

Jacob in El Salvador


Triumph Business Capital – Coppell, TX

This trip was a great experience for me. There was so much involvement and help from the community. From the very first day, members of the community came out to welcome us to their home. The overwhelming hospitality was amazing. They were so willing to help us when we were there to help them. This trip was miraculous. God brought water from the ground in an area that has been needing water for more than seven years. I’ll never forget the happiness and tears that flowed from the community in gratefulness. Thank you Triumph, for this second chance to find water. Not just for me, but for the people of El Salvador.

Chris in El Salvador